The Alberta Research and Innovation Authority is the advisory body that provides strategic advice and recommendations to the Government of Alberta on research opportunities, emerging technologies and policy direction to enhance innovation.

We know that our success will be defined by our ability to harness the knowledge of the world. Alberta is injecting a greater international presence into our research and innovation system by bringing together leading experts from around the world who lend their ideas and expertise to the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority. The Authority integrates market intelligence and best practices from other jurisdictions to identify risks and opportunities for Alberta to ensure that our research continues on the leading edge of innovation as we bring technology to market. We embrace the latest knowledge and apply worldwide best practices within our globally minded innovation system.

Alberta Innovates officially came into being on January 1, 2010, when the Alberta Research and Innovation Act and regulation came into force. The Alberta Research and Innovation Authority provides policy direction and advice that can help Alberta take advantage of economic, scientific and technological opportunities, diversifying Alberta's economy and empowering its future.